Welcome to Fruition!

At Fruition, we believe each seed, like each of us, is in the world to change the world.

We believe Black Lives Matter 🧡

In the heart of the Finger Lakes of western New York, Fruition shares organic, regionally adapted seeds as well as the tools, inspiration & insight for us all to thrive.

Hope to see you on the farm one day!

Our Why

We love food. We love people. We love growing food, nourishing community and celebrating resilience with relationship and reciprocity at the center. Caring for our community, celebrating our ancestors & nourishing all generations of all species to come inspires us to jump out of bed each and every day.

Our Seeds

When people ask if we have children, we say, ‘yes, and great-great-great grandchildren! And they grow us more than we grow them.’ 

Most sincerely, these seeds are our family.

Well-adapted to thrive in our short seasons, our organic seeds have remarkably early maturity and many share extraordinary cold hardiness as well as disease resistance. They also thrive well outside our bioregion, learn more here!

And are they delicious? Why else would we even share them!

And Friends, all our seeds are open-pollinated heirlooms for you to save and share, except for two F1 tomatoes, Bradywise and Summer Sweetheart, whose unlikely stories you’ll find here. We celebrate and share both historical heirlooms as well as develop our own varieties with our community, as heirlooms of future generations. 

We grow about sixty percent of our seed on our farm, sourcing the balance from organic growers, mostly in the Northeast, who share our vision for regional adaptation. We’re building a map to celebrate them all, stay tuned!

The Land We Grow On 

~ the land that grows us ~

We grow on 24 organic acres in what is now known as Naples on the southern edge of Canandaigua Lakes, in the heart of the New York Finger Lakes. We ​humbly acknowledge we occupy the ancestral and treaty lands of the Haudenosaunee Seneca People. This land has shown us the gift of community, connection, and reverence. May we continue to seek guidance from the elders and land-keepers that have been nurturing the biodiversity of this region for countless generations.  Hope to see you here one day!

Meet The Fruition Crew!

~ a huge shout out our whole Fruition Crew~ ~

Matthew Goldfarb & I (Petra Page-Mann) have them to thank for any semblance of sanity we still may have; they are our friends as well as family.

From left to right, there’s Matthew, Heather Faber, me (with Davi, pronounced dah-vee, in arms), Scott Calpin, Mike Rachman, Amanda Grisa, Janean Shedd & Sylvia Sable. Melissa, Chelsea Gendreau and Rachel Hultengren are not in the photo alas & we send them no less love!

Also not pictured is the unfathomable love & support of our family, friends & many mentors. The countless hours they have invested in us since 2012, when Fruition began plus so many years before brings us to our knees.

And all this on the foundation of countless generations of plants and humans, co-adapting & co-evolving together, learning to thrive & share what we find, each beloved ancestors who survived unthinkable odds & dreamed of a world where future generations might act with greater intention, kindness & courage…

…here we are! 

Come Visit!

~ and know we look so forward ~ 

Whoever you are, wherever you are, thank you for joining us on the journey! Whether you’ve sown ten or ten thousand or zero seeds in your life, we’re grateful to do our work for you & with you.

And: We cannot wait to welcome everyone to our farm again one day!

For our calendar of public events both on-farm and off, hop on over here. 

If you haven’t already, join our organic gardening newsletter here for invitations and behind the scenes skills and stories from the farm. 

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

& the whole Fruition Crew

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For years we’ve been asked to demystify seed starting and here it is, everything you need to start seeds successfully at home in 40 beautiful pages with easy-to-follow instructions and insightful tips whether you’ve been gardening for years or dreaming for years.

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